Care Instructions

We all love a little TLC, and so do my hand-made creations.

Each piece is individually crafted by hand, so small imperfections are true characteristics and considered part of their overall beauty.

Here are some general care instructions on fragile items:

// Handle item with care, as they are delicate and fragile.
// Avoid contact with metallic finishes, oil from your hands can mark them.
// Copper finishes are designed to darken with age.
// Take care when adjusting the hooks on the reverse, use gentle pressure to avoid cracking.
// Wipe with a damp clean non-abrasive cloth.
// Lightly mist the feather decoration with an insect spray to avoid bugs nesting.
// Do not allow to get wet, not suited for outdoors.

By caring for your pieces you will admire them for a lifetime!

Peace | Love | Enjoy